According to the decades of experience of Professor Ana Bergasa, a nutritionist at the University of Barcelona, magnesium prevents or cures around 80 diseases and ailments:

Asthma, migraines, allergic rhinitis, itching and eczema, anxious overexcitability, tightness in the chest, voice fatigue, tetanic pseudoasthma, shortness of breath, tremors, nervous crises, generalized headaches, dizziness, insomnia, circulatory problems, asthenia, eye fatigue, cramps, tingling sensations, especially in the legs. Furthermore, skeletal, thoracic and intervertebral disc complaints, lack of calcification of the bones, arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis.

Magnesium chloride builds up cartilage and joints, prevents osteoporosis, disc atrophy and the associated pain. Back pain is usually caused by a magnesium deficiency and can be almost miraculously remedied by taking enough magnesium.

Professor Ana Maria Lajusticia Bergasa is the best example of this: at the age of 19, she began to suffer from back pain - the first signs of osteoarthritis. She also had boils.

After the birth of her fourth child, she suffered from such severe disc atrophy and back pain that she had to spend the following 21 years in a sitting corset and wheelchair.

At the age of 43, a famous surgeon wanted to operate on her. After an examination, he told her that her bones were as rotten and brittle as those of an 87-year-old woman. A bone chip taken from her thigh would therefore no longer grow on her back. Then she read in a book by a Jesuit priest from Brazil that magnesium chloride should work against her boils. Although she was very skeptical, she tried the magnesium.

After just a few weeks the boils and the pain had disappeared and 6 months after taking the medication she was able to work again!

Prof. Bergasa reports several times in her books about cysts in the breast that disappeared after treatment with magnesium chloride without the need for an operation. Magnesium alleviates prostate problems. A magnesium deficiency can cause certain intestinal disorders such as coeliac disease, small bowel resection, colitis and chronic enterocolitis. Magnesium also helps with stress, nervous disorders and many other complaints.

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