According to the state of knowledge and evidence of several thousand cases, the following causes were given at that time:

>• grief
>• lack of oxygen
>• consumption of overly salted food
>• clinging of bad emotions
>• lack of potassium in the blood and cells
>• harmful effects of radiation (earth rays & electrosmog)

>• autointoxication (self-poisoning)
>• chronic constipation

>• scarred tissue
>• contact with coal tar
>• smoking cigarettes
>• contact with irritating substances
>• inhalation of smog and toxic fumes
>• exposure to radium, Roengten radiation, etc.

Both grief and negative thoughts destroy the potassium phosphate in the blood, brain and nerves. However, it is important to note that there is not only one main cause of, but several causes are responsible for it.

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