Wearing a SUN*RAY helps to transform existential fears, to acquire a "thicker skin" and to feel as if wrapped in a soft cocoon.

If you often have "unwanted worrying thoughts" that throw you off balance, this wonderful pendant will help you to think clearly and then calmly and rationally analyze the underlying causes. The SUN*RAY may protect against unwanted "intruders"; we can thus devote ourselves again to more pleasant things of everyday life and enjoy the peace. Finished with 24 karat gold leaf, this pendant helps users connect with their intuition.

Furthermore, it is excellent for people who find it difficult to make decisions. Perhaps an interesting energetic jewelry for those who were born under the zodiac sign Libra, Gemini or Aquarius or have pronounced aspects of these air signs in their horoscope.

An interesting pendant for people who suffer from mood swings and for those who tend to travel sickness.

Special features of the large SUN*RAY: On one side, the large MOON*RAY has eight recessed rays, while the "back" side is flat. The number 8 is symbolic of the planet Saturn. Venus and Jupiter were considered in classical astrology as small and large benefactors.

The number 8 is assigned -among other things- the attributes of abundance and power. The energy of this number can help to balance imbalances and come into the flow. In addition, the number 8 symbolically represents the planet Saturn, which may be called the planet of the harvest. Among the Romans, Saturn was the god of agriculture and was considered a symbol of the mythical "Golden Age" (saturnia regna).

In tarot, the number 8 is assigned to the card "The Force".

Material: pure crystalline silicon and 24k gold, individually handcrafted

available in two sizes:

SUN*RAY large: Ø 40mm, approx. 8mm thick
SUN*RAY small: Ø 24mm, approx. 5mm thick

The small SUN*RAY is smooth on both sides; it has no recessed rays.

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