At the beginning of our professional activity we found that in principle natural materials should be tachyonized because they already have a perfect and regular atomic structure. And, according to another law of nature, this starting point is a very important criterion.

The most optimal materials are silicon and gold: both have an extremely perfect atomic structure. They are therefore ideal for tachyonization.

The German chemist Dr. Becker, who as the first man developed therapeutic silicon, realized in a very short time that this element contains enormous potential. He and many other researchers were completely fascinated by the healing properties of silicon.

It is present in significant quantities in most body tissues.

The precious metal gold also plays a very important role for our health. Thanks to its unique atomic structure and its enormous electrical potential, this metal acts on the electrical and electromagnetic properties of every cell.

In tachyonized gold form is able to repolarize electromagnetic fields in a few moments. Not to forget: our nervous system is primarily controlled by the flow of electrons.

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