I will try to give you some tips and tricks here that may have the potential to serve as a reliable source of information for important questions.

As you probably know, kinesiology muscle testing offers a variety of possibilities; because no one knows better than your own body what it needs to support its well-being. You will see that you have the necessary potential to do two or three basic tests yourself. The muscle test can show correlations, backgrounds and corrections of energy blockages.

It's entirely in your hand ;-)

The founder of "Applied Kinesiology" Dr. Charles Goodheart recognized that every major muscle of our body is directly connected to organs, and that the weakness of a muscle usually represents an energy problem of the corresponding organ. After more than 15 years of research in the early 1970's, he finally succeeded in balancing the respective organ by specifically strengthening a muscle.

Kinesiology uses different methods to balance energies. On the one hand, the methods are based on the knowledge of the Chinese doctrine of the five elements and the flow of energy in the meridians, on the other hand, knowledge from medicine, education, psychology and other sciences are included.

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