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Are you dissatisfied with your life? Are you frustrated or bored because you don't know what you are living for? Are you normally an ambitious person who wants to do something special but just doesn't know exactly what?

Perhaps you are a person with many talents and inclinations, but find it very difficult to make a professional decision? This turmoil causes you to feel dejected. Or are you a person who is always tackling new projects, but nothing really satisfies you? This is why you are always starting something new and trying out lots of things.

The Bach flower Wild Oat will help you to recognize the best path for you. You will develop your potential, expand your talents and follow the common thread of your life. As you are a very versatile person, you may even find a way to successfully pursue several professions at the same time.

Wild Oat is also a suitable Bach flower for people who tend to be introverted when there seem to be too many flowers for them at the beginning of a Bach flower treatment. Wild Oat then provides the necessary clarity.

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