Plants and animals react to electrosmog to a high degree. Veterinary medicine has already registered various new disease patterns in this context. In the mid-1990s, for example, in the Swiss mountains, gamekeepers and foresters discovered that many chamois and ibexes strangely enough suffer from herpes and then die from the consequences of pneumonia. Feverishly, the cause of this sudden death was sought.

Until it was discovered by chance that these symptoms of the disease appeared after mobile phone antennas were set up in the mountains so that skiers and snowboarders could also use this service on the slopes.

If colonies of bees are moved near power lines, the busy bees clearly react against their other instincts. They become aggressive for no apparent reason and turn their stings against each other. The last survivors even attack their own queen and kill her.

We would like to emphasize that we do not want to stir up negative opinions about mobile phone technology ... however, we would like to point out that we have appropriate technologies at our disposal to repolarize the radiation signals of mobile phone antennas with tachyon energy. For the operators, who make billions in profits every year, the equipment of existing mobile phone antennas with suitable tachyon know-how would be a piece of cake.

Orthodox Medicine

Since orthodox medicine has been dealing more closely with the problem of electrosmog, many new clinical pictures have been registered in recent years. It is interesting to note that children in irradiated school buildings have a statistically significantly lower chance of making the transition from elementary school to higher grades.

The best known symptoms, which are assigned to electrosmog:

tiredness * stress * allergies * headaches * nervousness * depressions * sleep disorders * mental illness * cancer * heavy sweating * susceptibility to infections * lack of concentration * altered blood values * aching limbs * rheumatism * cardiovascular problems * joint pain * back pain * problems falling asleep * muscle cramps * ringing in the ears * visual problems

And, to complete this subcategory, a bit of biophysics:

The organism represents a “closed circuit” and "transports" electric impulses from "above" to "below", and from "left" to "right", through the entire body. The immune system senses that the body's cells absorb less oxygen in the vicinity of interfering radiation, since the energy flow of the cell membrane is disturbed by these subtle external electrical stimuli.

Furthermore, the synapses (contact point between the nerve cells) are demonstrably disturbed in their function. Symptoms such as tiredness, nausea, loss of concentration, headaches or burning eyes follow. According to the state of knowledge in research, a magnetic field of 300nT (nanotesla) is sufficient to severely impair the natural ion exchange between cells!

The immune system senses that the body's cells can absorb less oxygen when staying in the vicinity of interfering radiation for a longer period of time, as these subtle external electrical stimuli disturb the energy flow of the cell membrane. By means of pleomorphology (dark field diagnostics), corresponding damage in the blood can be diagnosed with astonishing accuracy and ease.

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