This is probably the best known mudra of all. Practically everywhere it is known as the "holy mudra" and is used by many yogis and people who devote themselves to inner contemplation.

By bringing the fingertips of thumb and index finger together gently, you connect yourself symbolically with God.

This designation is to be understood here as cosmic energy of the love.

The thumb represents our inherent "divinity"; the index finger represents our subconscious and self-confidence. A moment of introspection, accompanied by this mudra, transforms inner aggressiveness and creates space for a sense of calm and serenity to arise in the heart and throughout the body.

Therefore, use this mudra when emotions related to violence control you or when you are confronted with dangerous and aggressive situations. This mudra, performed with both hands, will help you calm your body, mind and spirit in a very short time. It cures insomnia and mental restlessness, relieves tension, depression and drowsiness.

A "must" for those who want to develop telepathic abilities and for those who want to gain psychic abilities.

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