from weakness of judgment ... to inner certainty

People who suffer from not knowing what to choose and constantly asking others for advice should take Cerato. The negative Cerato state is often short-lived. However, some people suffer from constant uncertainty or lack of independence and seek advice from those around them every time they make a decision. They simply lack the instinct or courage to make a decision.

Perhaps they simply always want to do everything right and it is precisely this desire that leads them to total insecurity. The connection to their own inner voice is interrupted. Sometimes these people also experience that they have followed advice that contradicts their own inner voice. Later they have to realize that this advice was wrong. It would have been better to follow their own feelings.

Cerato can get people out of this state of uncertainty. They will continue to be people who make a conscientious effort to do everything right. They will study and check everything carefully. But they will also learn to trust their own instincts, make independent decisions and stand by these decisions.

If, despite careful examination, it turns out later that one or other decision was wrong, they will know that they did everything they could to make the right decision and will not lose their self-confidence for future decisions.

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