Quantum healing
with tachyons and colors

The idea of using light and color to stimulate healing processes is of course nothing new. Since I began to study the power of crystals and semi-precious stones about 46 years ago, I have more or less incorporated this knowledge into my everyday life.

Later, the Spectro-Chrome colored light therapy of the "wunderkind" Dinshah Ghadiali aroused my interest. I also like to mention the wonderful work by August Aeppli "Die Symbolik von Licht und Dunkel, die Farben und ihre Offenbarung", which was published in 1936 ... "Heilkräfte der Farben und ihre Anwendung in der Praxis" by Prof. Lilli Elisabeth Eberhard, published in 1954 ... and Vicky Wall's autobiography "Das Wunder der Farbheilung und die Geschichte eines Lebens".

By studying the literary works of Helena Petrovna Blawatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Armin Risi, Erich von Däniken, Enrique Barrios, Cyril Scott, William Walker Atkinson, H.G. Wells, William Bramley ... to name but a few ... I then came across Nikola Tesla and "tachyon energy" in the early 1990s. In particular, reading the biography of Nikola published by Margaret Cheney awakened "old memories" in me.

Well ... and since 1997 I have been dealing with tachyons on a daily basis ... and have had the pleasure of designing many interesting products since then ;-)

... back to the future ...

... forwards into the past ...

When I was asked to test the energy spectrum of a tachyonized "photon pump" in autumn 1998, I was totally surprised and fascinated: When I directed the blue beam of this "mini flashlight" into the palm of my left hand, lots of little bluish-white creatures "appeared" buzzing around my left hand.

I still remember very well how amazed I was ... and also the reaction of my former business partner. However, the interest in commercializing such "photon pumps" quickly evaporated, as the quality and reliability of these mini flashlights could unfortunately not be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

In the summer of 2023, this experience came back to me. I then set out on a search ... and found what I was looking for. Now, after a "sleep phase" of almost 25 years, I am pleased to present a "lamp" that enables a fusion of tachyons and colors. Similar to the Light-Beamer from Aura-Soma, which I can also offer, the Tachyon Rainbow-Beamer opens up new paths to holistic recovery.

The four colors, which can be controlled with the tachyonized Rainbow Light-Beamer, allow targeted applications to stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points.

In the following sections I present you with detailed information about the effect of the colors red, green, indigo and white. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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>• Theory of colors

>• Red * Muladhara-Chakra
>• Green * Anahata-Chakra
>• Indigo blue * Ajna-Chakra
>• White

>• Use of the Rainbow Light-Beamer

>• Technology