H wie Heilung. Healing.

Ingredients and keywords

Persian Rose (essential oil, bio) : love, emotional stability, joy, serenity, aphrodisiac, harmonizing, pampering, purifies body, mind and soul.

Verveine de Grasse (essential oil, bio) : balancing and motivating for lack of desire and fatigue, relaxes stress and anger.

Peridot (mineral-essence) : repels negative energies, useful in cases of nervousness or jealousy, promotes calm, helps free oneself from external influences, good for new beginnings, favors cheerfulness, tolerance and serenity.

Tsesite (mineral-essence) : relaxation, calm, peace, mood enhancement and self-healing, regeneration, wound healing.

Amber-essence : accelerate healing, joie de vivre, optimism, strengthen faith in ourselves, relief, harmony, courage & strength.

Borosilicate beads (tachyonized) : purification of the aura, detoxification, mental clarity.

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