According to Dr. Edward Bach, physician and homeopath, the use of Bach flowers - developed between 1930 and 1934 - is based on the assumption that plants have a balancing effect on the psyche.

Thanks to the beneficial properties of the plant essences (38 different plants), it is even possible to alleviate physical symptoms.

Are you ready to play a little game?

You will see that you can choose the best essence for your well-being yourself. How ? Think of a problem that you would like to solve. It can be an emotional issue ... or, for example, that you would like to have a different job, a different apartment, a physical problem. Whatever. Ready? I ask you to concentrate and internalize the following sentence:

"I now intuitively choose the most optimal Bach Flower Essence for my well-being ... even if I don't know it! "

Then I ask you to intuitively click on the flower that catches your attention. After clicking, the page describing the selected Bach flower will open automatically.

Preparation of the mother essences

In order to be able to guarantee flower essences of optimum quality, the extracts are produced from wild plants in carefully selected locations.The choice of locations, as well as the entire production process, is based on the connection with the levels of consciousness associated with the plant kingdom. In this way, despite the difficult environmental conditions, it is possible to produce high-quality plant essences that have retained their integrity in relation to nature. In order for herbal remedies to unfold their full effect, it is advantageous if they come from the region in which we live.

The sun method

On a cloudless day, about an hour after sunrise, the flowers are picked using crystals, ceramics, silver or gold instruments, without touching them directly with the hands. Edward Bach picked the flowers with the help of leaves or branches of the same plant variety, also to avoid direct contact.The flowers are then placed in a crystal bowl that has previously been filled with pure spring water. Enough flowers are picked to cover the surface of the water. The bowl with the flowers remains exposed to the sun for three to seven hours. During this time, the sunlight transfers the energy and consciousness of the flowers into the water. The water charged with the flower consciousness is mixed with the same amount of brandy to preserve it. The result is the mother essence.

Flower essences are highly sensitive products which should also be given the greatest possible sensitivity during further processing. For this reason, they are bottled in a state of silent meditation.

One drop of mother essence is added to a 10 ml bottle filled with 30% brandy. This mixture gives the classic concentration of 1:240 as described by Victor Bullen and Nora Weeks, the official successors of Dr. Edward Bach, in their book on preparation.

Miron Violettglass

Violet glass flacons are used as containers, which are specially manufactured as energy protection covers for vibrational remedies and provide them with optimum protection. This ensures that they are also preserved on an energetic level for a long time.

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