Supports the theme of "letting go" and offers deeply grounding meditations

The sphere is the symbol for the world, for the planet (whether it is flat or not). Like the circle, the sphere carries the aspect of infinity, but in three-dimensional form.

Our tachyon spheres can help to ground (come to Mother Earth), which also means that events that have happened in life can be processed and released. Tachyon spheres are particularly suitable for consciously dealing with pain, fears, emotional problems and for sharpening the memory of old skills. The clearer the user's intentions are, the greater the effectiveness.

The tachyon spheres unite and balance the left and right halves of the body. They have an effect on the cell structure and consequently also on the DNA. All tachyon spheres promote the theme of "letting go"!

* * *

Important note: The balls should never be exposed to the sun due to their strong light concentration!

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