lead ... and be led

Vine people have great willpower, they are born leaders; people with authority. Vine people never doubt their success and are always sure of their superiority. In dangerous situations, they act quickly and always know exactly what to do.

A person in a negative Vine state uses their authority to suppress others, to impose their own will on them. Vine then dominates others by hook or by crook, allows no dissent and always wants to be right. A typical blocked Vine state is the father, teacher or boss who demands absolute obedience from their children or subordinates without allowing them freedom of expression or their own thoughts. The extremely blocked Vine state produces unscrupulous and merciless people who torture, beat up and use violence against others.

The unyielding, rigid attitude leads to high tension, which sometimes manifests itself on a physical level in high blood pressure or joint pain. Vine helps people to return to a more flexible leadership style. When the blockages are released, they experience the charismatic, open-minded leader.

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