Excerpt from the channeling of June 08, 1999
(the original transcript in Swiss German contains 9858 words)

On the following question, I was once again allowed to transmit interesting information from the spiritual world. At this channeling persons were present whom I personally did not know so well. Here now the question of one of these persons.

What can I do to accelerate the advancement. To finally get my will so strong that I can really tackle the goals I have set?

This is a good question. This issue affects many people.

Relax. Close your eyes. Relax. Relax.

Now visualize that you have a ball the size of a soccer ball growing out of your belly. Spikes are now growing on the surface of this ball. The ball is filled with a stinking liquid. This liquid symbolizes weakness of will. The ball fills more and more with this stinking liquid. It fills up even more ... and this is disgusting and disturbing. This is really something disgusting, something unpleasant, something disturbing.

Now you feel that this liquid does not fit you at all, that it is not part of you.

Now imagine your right thumb being filled with powerful, loving God energy. The thumb becomes long; as long as Pinocchio's nose. A good twenty centimeters long and pointed. Pointed like a thorn. Now fill up your thumb (with God energy).

Visualize (or perceive) how the thumb has filled up completely with divine energy.
Now pierce the sphere with your right thumb ... and let the divine liquid flow into the sphere (as if you were injecting a medicine). Now imagine that your right hand is also filling up with a golden, purifying energy. The more "serum" you inject into the sphere, the more your hand and thumb fill up with golden energy.

This golden liquid fills up the sphere more and more ... and the weakness of will decreases. The whole sphere fills with gold ... the spikes disappear ... the whole becomes round.

Now imagine that the surface of the sphere now feels very soft. It has no more spikes ... and is now floating in the air in front of you.

You can now take your thumb away.

Now visualize that a wonderful golden ball, the size of a football, is floating in front of you. You may now take it in your hands. A golden floating ball. This ball represents trust.

Now take this ball and "insert" it into your body. It is in your body. It is in your body. Forever and ever.

In moments of weakness of will, think of this golden ball. It is so big that when you bring your hands together, it can fit inside. When you bring your hands together, it is as if you are handling a soccer ball. That is how big the ball is. The sphere is always within you, it is always this big, always filled. The sphere, if you want, radiates this golden energy throughout your body. Always. It is always in you. Fill it up mentally with golden energy from time to time; even if you are well.

Best regards, Marco-Raffaello

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