The idea behind this auric spray is to help you raise personal consciousness and establish links with beings of light who help manifest "extraterrestrial" and "intra-terrestrial" energy technologies and techniques.

Helps awaken the potential of other stars and galaxies. Other keywords are : DNA harmonization, keeping the current flowing, connection with above and below. Make contact with benevolent intra-terrestrials and extraterrestrials. Getting in touch with the Nordics.

Ingredients and keywords

Blue sapphire (mineral-essence) : calm, peace, intuition, relaxation, meditation, wealth, knowledge, wisdom.

Blue Chamomile (essential oil, bio) : relaxation, calm, anti-stress, letting go, balance, security, warmth, soothing, balancing the psyche and stimulating the body's defenses.

Borosilicate beads (tachyonized) : purification of the aura, detoxification, mental clarity.

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