The hemisphere made of pure silicon (diameter 40mm, height 20mm) with its internal spiral pyramid is one of the most special shapes I can offer for meditation purposes and for chakra harmonization.

In combination with one of the three available color variations, the user is enabled to reach different spheres of consciousness. The internal spiral pyramid helps to connect with both Mother Earth and the cosmos. The hemisphere that encloses the pyramid is intended to protect the user in their meditation and envelop them in light-filled energy.

The hemisphere has a depression in the form of an internal spiral pyramid. This can be filled with information such as Bach flowers or homeopathic remedies during energy therapies ... and placed with the rounded side on the body of the person to be treated. The tachyons guide the corresponding information directly into the subtle bodies (chakras).

* * *

The lime green silicon hemisphere is a fantastic tool for reincarnation therapists and of course also for non-therapists who want to take their "destiny" into their own hands!

To enjoy the energy potential of this greenish, shimmering silicon hemisphere, simply place it on your chest (heart area) ... whether you are clothed or not is irrelevant. In a very short time, the hemisphere will establish connections to other dimensions and layers that can contribute to the release of karmic entanglements.

You can imagine that this tachyonized object can open "the doors of the future", which is why it is also ideal for energetic work that relates to time.

The crystal-clear hemisphere has the potential to dissolve energetic blockages. It is held on the affected area of the body. In the case of communication problems and anxiety, for example, it can be placed directly on the neck. During the treatment, the person can imagine that the cause of the problem is harmonized and dissolved during this process.

The emerald green silicon hemisphere can be placed on the thymus gland. It helps to regenerate both physically and psychologically.

It is interesting for people who are scattered, as the energy potential of this hemisphere can help to put the individual "puzzle pieces" back in order.

Energetic cleansing / duration of effect

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