QHHT experience
Self-healing technique with energy spheres

On the occasion of a 6-hour QHHT session on July 5, 2023, a self-healing technique was transmitted to me by my "Higher Self", which I am pleased to present here. I was told that this self-healing technique was not only for me, but that I was also allowed to transmit it to other people.

My first QHHT session ... and definitely not the last! Magic, magic, magic ... before ... and after the session. The icing on the cake was an absolutely unexpected surprise:

When I strolled back to my car, a young roebuck was waiting for me at a distance of about 20 meters, grazing peacefully on the meadow cut in the shape of a heart.

Clicking on this link [1 264 KB] opens the PDF file (Self-healing technique with energy spheres). Have fun reading ... and good luck with the practical work!!!