In mid-February 2016, a new customer visited me and asked if I had "something" to protect her during an unpleasant business meeting. She came to see me with her 8-year-old son and seemed extremely tense and distressed. She said that a few business partners were trying to bully her out of her own company; there was a lot of money involved. Her business partners, including (unfortunately) family members, are trying to force her out of the company using dirty means and several lawyers.

When asked whether she was in the "right" and whether the accusations were justified, she replied that the other party had been trying to seize control for some time and that this was based on completely improper statements by the business partners.

I then advised her to wear an AURA-Shield from now on (day and night) and also to wear it at the next meeting. Shortly after the introduction of this pendant, I was informed by various customers that this pendant was apparently very helpful in protecting them not only from electromagnetic radiation, but also from "humano-electromagnetic" thoughts (bullying, black thoughts, etc.).

A good ten days later, she contacted me personally ... this time with a big smile. She didn't even know how to thank me: the meeting and the negotiation had gone to her complete satisfaction. The other party's demands had been downright shot down and the future of the company was secure. She felt excellent and was looking forward to a more pleasant future.

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