from do-gooder ... to torchbearer

Vervain emphasized People are enthusiastic about an idea, but do not want to keep this idea to themselves, but also want to inspire those around them with this idea. In their overzealousness, they try to force everyone to be happy.

Sometimes you can find typical representatives of the negative Vervain state in health associations or charitable organizations. These people sacrifice all their free time for a "good cause". In the face of opposition, they never tire of convincing those around them of their mission and persuading them to join in. Fanatics of all stripes are also typical Vervain representatives. Due to the enormous amount of energy that these "missionaries" require, they are often inwardly hyper. Even when their strength is exhausted, they often force themselves to carry on. If things cannot be pushed forward, they are nervous and irritable. Injustices can drive these people up the wall.

People of the Vervain type usually talk and move quickly, want to do everything one hundred and fifty percent and have difficulty relaxing. Vervain helps these people to stand by their ideas, but also to allow others to have their opinion. Vervain helps them to see things in a broader context and helps them to be convinced by good arguments.

Vervain also helps people to let go and relax better.

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