The eyes are the mirror of the soul, says an old proverb. A look into the eyes often reveals more than many words and even the ancient doctors knew how to read from the eyes. Not only the state of mind, but also the constitution and physical complaints can be read.

Iris diagnostics assumes that the organs of the human body are reflected in the iris of the eye. The smallest changes in the color and structure of the iris, which are not visible to the layman, provide indications of disorders in the corresponding organs. Acute inflammations show up as well as chronic diseases.

An expert iris diagnostician is able to make the following statements just by looking at the eyes and without asking any questions:

>• what diseases the patient is suffering from
>• which medications have a negative influence
>• what injuries the person is suffering from
>• what destruction operations caused

The first detailed descriptions of this fantastic technique were published in 1665. The Chiromatica Medica, written by Philippus Meyeus (Philip Meyen von Coburg). was reprinted in 1670 and 1691 as a second and third edition.

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