The Tachyon GOLD*CHIP (24k gold-plated brass alloy, 25x0.2mm), which I developed in the summer of 1997 and presented to an extremely critical audience at the time, is probably still the safest product in the world when it comes to harmonizing electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and other electronic devices.

For me, the GOLD*CHIP is by far the most important product in my entire range! And with good reason.

Thanks to the evaluation of scientific and biophysical studies and thanks to the numerous feedbacks from my customers, I can say with the best of my knowledge and conscience that the GOLD*CHIP not only transforms harmful radiation from electronic devices, but that this little gadget can also be very helpful to:

>• be less stressed
>• achieve more success
>• feel better overall
>• have more strength and energy
>• be able to concentrate better

Impossible? Not at all !

Scientific studies

Various studies and a large number of kinesiologists and therapists working in the field of bio-resonance and radionics are happy to prove the effectiveness of this little "chip". I would particularly like to highlight the study carried out in August 2001 by the Coghill Research Laboratories in Gwent (England). The results obtained can still be described as exceptional.

Furthermore, the energy spectrum of the GOLD*CHIP was also examined several times using the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. When we received the results of the June 2004 study, we were very surprised. It clearly shows that the radiation from a cell phone (without the GOLD*CHIP) completely destroys the crystalline structure of water.

Have I aroused your interest? Good.

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