The Iranian-American physician Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj summarizes his years of research in connection with water with an interesting thesis: "Most diseases of civilization are not the result of faulty metabolism, but thirst signals from the body. It's a paradox: although we take in vast quantities of fluid, our bodies suffer from dehydration. The reason: most of our drinks have devastating side effects." Dr. Batmanghelidj noted that the primary weight gainers were those who drank only diet drinks.

It is not surprising that there are so many overweight people in the USA, because over 80% of the drinks consumed in the USA contain caffeine, which in turn acts on the brain like a drug and can cause all the signs of addiction. Caffeine stimulates the kidneys and has a dehydrating effect. Since the water does not stay long enough in the body, so much cola is drunk.

In addition, his studies revealed that these patients misinterpret their body's signals: assuming they have drunk enough, they believe they are hungry and eat more than their body actually needs. The cause of this is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is a chemical compound in our brain that is responsible for releasing stored energy.

Furthermore, it was found that caffeine lowers the reaction threshold of the ATP store, the energy reserves of the brain cells are activated, one feels strengthened. Sugary drinks seem to satisfy the energy needs of the brain and replenish part of the used reserves, which is not the case with artificially sweetened drinks!

The consequence of this is clear and unforeseeable: increased feelings of thirst and hunger arise. The chemistry in our body is perfectly tuned; or so we think. Because our body knows exactly that "sweet things" provide it with energy. The liver opens its receptors, adjusts to the intake of sugar, and curbs the conversion of internal protein and starch reserves.

However, since no "natural" sugar is supplied, the liver sends the following information to the brain: hunger !!!

As crazy as it may sound: it has been proven several times that the feeling of hunger created by sweeteners can last up to 90 minutes - even if the body has already taken in enough food! ... People who mistakenly avoid sugary drinks for dietary reasons eat more than their body really needs.

For all those who want to lose weight, light and zero drinks without sugar are nothing but a promise of salvation. The advertising promises that these drinks make slim and are even healthier than classic soft drinks. Hmmpf !!! But, whether you believe it or not: hundreds of scientific studies that have been carried out for years on this subject have come to completely different conclusions: The "low-calorie" drinks damage teeth and promote Researcher Hannah Gardener reported in September 2012 that studies in this regard clearly show that daily consumption increases the risk of heart attack or stroke by 48 percent.

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