In mid-December 2005, I was asked by a friend of mine, who is married to one of the most famous "white clowns", whether I would still have time this month to carry out a geobiological survey combined with a Feng Shui consultation in her home.

"Hmm, the agenda only allows for one afternoon this year. Would Friday, December 23rd be okay?"

When I arrived at her home as agreed, I noticed that several trees on her property were characterized by an unnatural "slanting and twisting growth". This visual characteristic proves 99% of the time that such trees are exposed to pathogenic earth radiation. These include water veins.

After about half an hour, she told me that she had actually asked me to come primarily because they had both been trying unsuccessfully for over 3 years to have children again. Checks with her family doctor showed that there was actually nothing standing in the way. But just ...

After the analyses, which are usually carried out with a bio-tensor, a two-handed rod, the pendulum and kinesiological muscle tests, I discovered that a water vein runs under the marital bed in a diagonal line at the level of the lower abdomen (wife) and over the area of the right knee (husband). She then confirmed with astonishment that her husband had been complaining about knee problems since moving in 3 years ago.

Apart from that, her marriage bed is the favorite place of her cat ... who intuitively visits the bed during the day to "unload".

"It's as clear as day that it won't work out with the offspring," I then told her. "You're sleeping on a strongly radiating vein of water." She looked at me like a Martian (or something like that) ... and refused to believe it. Water vein? Earth rays???

After another quarter of an hour of intensive explanations, she was ready to use my services. After testing with the pendulum, I placed an indigo blue tachyon sphere under the bed at the level of her pelvis ... and an A6 GEOTAC*CARD under the bed at the level of her husband's right knee.

Time jump: On Wednesday, September 06, 2005 I received the following e-mail:

Dear friends, we are pleased to share with you the joyful news of the birth of a new little star: Naomi saw the light of day yesterday in hospital ;-)

Since this event, which is just one of many, many acquaintances often greet me with the nickname "Stork". PS: by the way, her husband's knee problems are a thing of the past ;-)

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