The Prithvi - or Muladhara Mudra is associated with the element earth. It strengthens the fingernails, hair, muscles, bones, tones the skin and develops the sense of smell. Since this mudra acts directly on the mind, it can provide valuable support in this regard and leave a longer lasting feeling of happiness.

To perform this mudra, the fingertips of the thumb and ring finger are brought together with light pressure. The other fingers remain extended.

If possible, this mudra should be used three times a day for about 15 minutes. The Prithvi Mudra restores balance in mind and spirit and strengthens self-confidence.

This mudra activates the base chakra, which is, among other things, the dwelling place of the life energy. It balances the Agni (fire) and the Prithvi (earth) Tattva (elements in Ayurveda) and can provide important support for stomach problems. Therefore, this mudra is worth its weight in gold for shabby people and people suffering from underweight.

Furthermore, regular use of this mudra can prevent energy loss (e.g. vitamin and mineral deficiencies and organ weakness) and can be used to achieve mental and physical goals, whether in sports or in business.

PS: An extremely effective mudra for narrow-minded and prejudiced people.

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