In principle, the BioTranslator offers three different application possibilities:

A) it can help to realize one's wishes ...
B) it can strengthen your vision ...
C) it is interesting for introspection (meditation) ...

Manifesting wishes

To help with the realization of wishes, take the BioTranslator in your hands and concentrate on a wish (e.g. health, happiness, peace, love, wealth, etc.). You can "program" your wish in prayer form, with affirmations, visualizations or other techniques and "send" it into the universe. You can also write the wish on a piece of paper and place the BioTranslator on the paper. Why not light a small white candle and place it next to the BioTranslator?

You can "amplify" this wishing ritual by using a BioAmplifier; place it directly next to the BioTranslator.

The oval, slanted side of the BioAmplifier should point away from the BioTranslator.

This combination acts like a lighthouse.

Improve your eyesight

Allow yourself a little time for this ritual. Lie down and relax. Close your eyes and hold the base of the BioTranslator over the first eye you want to treat. The base should not touch your eyelid, but should be very close to it. Hold the BioTranslator over the eye until you feel a tingling sensation at the back of the eye (this may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the person).

I recommend that you do this ritual with both eyes in the morning and before going to bed, even if you only have difficulties with one eye. This will help you to achieve an optimal balance. Please be patient: it may take a few days or weeks before you "see" results with this routine. However, results can also be noticed more quickly.

And why not add a little "magic"? Similar to the cross crawl technique (kinesiology exercise), you can take the BioTranslator in your left hand and treat your right eye with it ... then take it in your right hand and treat your left eye with it ;-)

Introspection (meditation)

If you are restless and do not know how to switch off your thoughts, the BioTranslator can be used very well for meditation. As it is made of clear silicon, the following statements apply from an energetic point of view:

This color, if we can even speak of color here, has to do with clarity and information. Since all other colors of the rainbow spectrum are contained in this color, it holds a comprehensive potential of all possibilities. I can recommend this "color frequency" especially to people who are looking for a new path and are at an impasse.

Conscious, meditative use of the BioTranslator can activate and accelerate (potentiate) the ability to think.

I wish you lots of success !!!

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