As he was impressed by the scientific studies we published on our website, he ordered several products from us at once.

Just two months after purchasing them, he contacted us and said: "The effect of your Aquajet is truly amazing. I immediately noticed that my skin feels much softer after showering and is no longer so chapped and cracked.

And, as I often have to stay in hotels for my conferences, I make sure that the Aquajet is always in my luggage. It's easy for me to attach it to the shower in the various hotels. And just imagine: To this day, I have never forgotten to unscrew it again and take it with me.

Merci beaucoup and continued success with your products!

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As experience has shown that the vitalizing and refreshing effect of the AQUAJET lasts for over 20 years, you (and your family) can benefit from refreshing and revitalized water for many years to come. I offer you a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of purchase. It is amortized in a short time!

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