Detachment from manipulative energies ...

Since the fall of 1999, I have noticed that many people no longer feel so comfortable in their own skin: quite a few of them believe that they are being manipulated by "invisible forces". I'm not talking about people who suffer from mental health problems; I'm talking about people from all professions and all age groups. Unfortunately, it is now the case that children and young people are also increasingly affected.

The E*GATE Obelisk can help us to deal with "doctrines", to understand them and to transform them so that "foreign thoughts" no longer determine our lives. Of course, this can also be about power and authority in education: "You'll never amount to anything", "Eat your plate empty or you won't get dessert", "Money stinks" etc. etc.

Application: Place the E*GATE Obelisk in front of you and take enough time for this ritual (maybe a big glass of water and something to nibble). After all, it is about freeing yourself from old, rigid and obstructive structures. So please give yourself enough time ! Imagine that the E*GATE Obelisk acts as an ambassador between you as a person and a wonderful light-filled energy source.

You can also imagine that this tachyon sculpture has the ability to connect you with your guardian angel, the Creator, God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Manitu, Mother Earth, El Morya, Buddha, Allah or any other "person": "someone" who supports you unconditionally.

Use the E*GATE Obelisk like a microphone, speak to it, " confess " to it ... and have fun with it. Pretend that the "person" you have chosen is sitting in front of you. Tell him everything that is bothering you, all your problems. Don't be afraid, you are all alone and no one is judging you ! Profit from this precious moment. Free yourself from everything that harasses you.

When you think you have said it all, take the E*GATE Obelisk in your hands, lift it up and speak in a clear voice: "Thank you for helping me to solve the discussed problems. Thank you!" Afterwards we advise you to place the E*GATE Obelisk in a harmonious place, as we have already described in the previous section.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you like and, of course, add other themes, thank "him" and take it into your hands. Be assured and especially convinced that this "Energetic Ambassador" will immediately pass on your wishes ! If you prefer, you can also do everything in writing, fold the note and place it under the E*GATE Obelisk. By the way, the E*GATE Obelisk is perfectly suited to transmit light-filled wishes; put them under the E*GATE Obelisk.

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