The color white - the sum of all colors of light - has always been associated with "purity", "protection", "innocence", "perfection", "wisdom", "lightness", "hygiene" and "peace". So it's no wonder that this color is often used in energy therapy to bring light into the darkness.

In Europe, this color has been associated with "angels" for centuries ... in ancient Egypt, white was the color of joy and happiness. It may be interesting to note that the Inuits use some 200 names for the color white, which seems quite logical since their environment is primarily characterized by snow and ice.

However, too much white can also have physical side effects. I am thinking primarily of doctors who wear white professional clothing every day. This color may (so they think) help to ensure a certain distance from patients. White can be so dazzling that people often instinctively turn away from it. Goal achieved.

One of the side effects may be that doctors often have a hard time with the vital fluid blood. Blood, which as already mentioned is primarily associated with the life force, is one of the most important elements of our organism alongside oxygen. Constantly wearing the color white can manifest an imbalance in our aura. Fatigue can make itself felt, both on a physical and psychological level.

At this point I would like to talk briefly about the White Pomander from Aura-Soma: The Pomander Original White is the universal cleanser. It contains the entire spectrum of the other Pomanders. Its ingredients dissolve all kinds of dirt and negative energies, disinfect and brighten rooms ... and support the healing process of physical and psychological injuries. This Pomander prevents bad energy from entering our aura.

White helps to bring light into the dark, to clarify thoughts and feelings and to focus on new goals.

In which situations can this color be helpful ?

>• when I often doubt
>• to finally find my place in life
>• to cleanse the aura and promote healing
>• when I don't know what I actually want to do
>• when I feel mentally and physically dirty

>• Theory of colors

>• Red * Muladhara-Chakra
>• Green * Anahata-Chakra
>• Indigo blue * Ajna-Chakra
>• White

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