Earth rays, which are invisible to the eye, are triggers for the most diverse disease patterns!

As early as around 1530, the physician Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, who was born in Egg near Einsiedeln (Switzerland), made the following statement:

"A sick bed is a sure way to ruin your health !"

Before Paracelsus went into more detail about the clinical picture of his patients, he, or one of his employees, examined the sleeping place of the suffering person. Today, this is (or should be) the task of experienced dowsers.

One of the most important places in our lives is the sleeping place, because nowhere in the world we rest longer than on these few square meters. During sleep, optimal regeneration should take place. It has been scientifically proven that our body reacts particularly sensitively to various natural and technical interference fields during the sleep phase.

Today, it is scientifically proven that people who stay or sleep at night on such harmful telluric grids regularly develop health problems.

Whether your bedroom is decorated purist or not ... wonderfully decorated or not ... colorfully decorated or not: The main issue for bad sleep, besides personal problems, are earth rays ... and invisible electromagnetic radiation emitted by smartphones and other electronic devices; so is Wi-Fi.

PS: Maybe not a bad idea to avoid mattresses with metallic springs! Why? Because some "weirdo" came up with the glamorous idea ... and completely disregarded the fact that the spirally arranged "metal springs" aggravate, respectively strengthen existing earth radiation.

And, if you - as you can see on the picture above - sleep under the roof slope, it can be that you -A- sleep restlessly ... and -B- possibly have problems with breathing.

* * *

Using radiesthesia (with dowsing rod and pendulum) I analyze your house, your apartment or even your work area to find possible interference zones. I harmonize these interference zones and electrosmog with special energetic Tachyon products, which have been successfully used since 1995. In Switzerland alone, over 12,000 homes and workplaces have been harmonized with these products.

Earth radiation, such as water veins, has been well known to mankind for thousands of years. Until about 300 years ago, even in Europe, before building a house, people paid attention to where there were earth rays. As a reminder: in the past, cows and sheep were led to the future building site and closely observed. There, where these animals settled down to chew the cud, were undisturbed places.

Symptoms that can be caused by earth radiation exposure

>• rheumatism, gout
>• tendency to excitability and nervousness
>• light or strong muscle tension
>• chronic headaches, chronic back pain
>• restless or poor sleep, tiredness even after a long sleep
>• lack of concentration, allergies, tumors, depression, skin problems

Analyses for the living and working area, business premises and land: CHF 180.00 / h.

Under the category Geobiology I have published detailed information about this. Lots of reading material !

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