The earth rays, which are invisible to the human eye, are triggers for the most diverse disease patterns!

Earth rays, such as water veins, have been well known to mankind for thousands of years. Until about 300 years ago, even in Europe, before building a house, people paid attention to where there were earth rays. To the memory: in former times cows and sheep were led on the future building ground and observed exactly. There, where these animals settled down to chew the cud, were undisturbed places.

Today it is understood that health problems can manifest in people who stay or sleep at night on such irritant strips and beams.

Using radiesthesia (with dowsing rod and pendulum) I analyze your house, your apartment or even your work area to find possible interference zones. I harmonize these interference zones and electrosmog with special energetic products, which have been successfully used since 1995. In Switzerland alone, over 12,000 homes and workplaces have been harmonized with these products.

Symptoms due to earth radiation exposure:

>• rheumatism, gout
>• tendency to excitability and nervousness
>• light or strong muscle tension
>• chronic headaches, chronic back pain
>• restless or poor sleep, tiredness even after a long sleep
>• lack of concentration, allergies, tumors, depression, skin problems

Analyses for the living and working area, business premises and land: CHF 180.00 / h.

Under the heading Geobiology I have published detailed information about this. Much reading material !

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