from impatience patience

Restlessness, impatience, hecticness and being driven are typical characteristics of a person who needs Impatiens. Nerves are tense to the breaking point.

The pink-flowered Impatiens plant grows on slopes and scree. When the seeds are ripe, a light touch is enough to cause the seed coat to explode. The seeds are propelled into the surrounding area. Isn't it strange that at a time characterized by general hecticness and restlessness, this very plant proliferates enormously everywhere on our fallow land around cities? The roots burrow deep into the earth, spread and overgrow many a weaker vegetation.

Impatiens is the right flower to give people back the calm they need. Tasks can then be completed with the necessary calm and care, even in a hectic environment.

Impatiens is often a constitutional remedy that should be taken over a longer period of time. It helps driven, impatient people who are constantly under nervous tension and who always have the feeling that they do not have enough time to complete their tasks. Impatiens relieves the pressure and helps these people to regain a little more composure and relaxation.

Impatiens also helps people who only get stressed and restless for a short time (during particularly busy periods). Impatiens then restores the necessary calm and balance to the person concerned.

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