According to numerous wise writings from ancient and modern times, this statement is by far the most powerful of all. Unfortunately, we are still too little aware of the implications of this statement. Many sentences such as "I am not worthy of this" ... "I am tired" ... "I am unhappy" ... and so on reinforce the current situation!

We should try to avoid these kinds of verbal statements! Even if it doesn't seem so easy: change these statements to : "I am worthy" ... "I deserve to be happy" ... "I am getting better and better, day by day".

Meditation: The Rainbow medallions were primarily designed as pendants.They are also ideal for introspection. You can place the Rainbow medallion of your choice on your forehead or on your heart chakra (as an example) and meditate with it.

Feng Shui: Another option would be to imprint the energy of a room or office with the Rainbow medallion of your choice. To do this, hang it on a fixed thread in the room (and why not on a window ... so that the medallion is exposed to the sun's rays ... and then projects them into the room).

Artisanal manufacture: Each Rainbow medallion consists of two faceted rondelles made of pure silicon, which is used for the manufacture of high-quality jewelry. A special "film" is inserted between the medallions, which took more than two years to develop. Depending on the angle of light, this film shimmers in the colors of the rainbow. Each Rainbow medallion is individually handmade by employees of a small, renowned glassworks in Bavaria and then tachyonized by me.

Material: pure crystalline silicon, eyelet made of pure silver, (Ø 37mm x 7mm)

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