from surrender ... to devotion

Is your life characterized by apathy? Are you resigned, even though the situation is - on closer inspection - not so hopeless? Do you no longer have any zest for life, are you lacking in energy, can't get yourself to do anything, are you vegetating apathetically? Do you resign yourself to fate without trying to do anything about it?

Wild Rose people rarely or never complain about their condition. A chronic illness, an unsatisfactory job or an unhappy marriage are accepted as normal. They just feel empty and indifferent inside and make no effort to change anything in their lives. Wild Rose also helps with long-lasting and debilitating illnesses.

Wild Rose people often only come to a Bach flower consultant by chance. Sometimes they are simply sent there because they make such an unviable impression. They have actually resigned themselves to their condition and have no intention of doing anything about it.

Wild Rose brings a zest for life and enterprise back into the lives of these people. They learn again not to give up in the face of resistance, but to fight against the wind. However, you should take this invigorating flower over a longer period of time. Especially if the Wild Rose condition has already existed for a long time.

And don't give up too soon! Because the effect of this flower sometimes only becomes noticeable after a longer period of use.

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