In the following I will describe you the energetic technique, which can help to activate your own self-healing powers ... and this in a very simple way ;-)

1) write down the poison to be eliminated in CAPITAL LETTERS on a white sheet of paper (size approx. 10 x 16 centimeters).

2) lie down on your bed and place the paper (with the blank side) on your navel (you do not have to undress).

3) cross the middle finger of your left hand over the index finger of your left hand. This will cause the reversal, namely the discharge.

4) Now place the palm of the right hand on the crown of your head (crown chakra). At the crown chakra all 5 energetic bodies flow together and so the right hand can directly access the energy body from which the "poison" wants to be deleted.

5) stretch your left arm (with the two fingers crossed) upwards (towards the ceiling). I recommend you to keep this unfamiliar position for a good 15 minutes ... so that the toxins can "leave" your body.

You can also stay longer in this position if you wish. Trust your intuition: you will feel when the session can be ended. If you know how, you can also briefly check with the pendulum or with a kinesiological muscle test whether you should stay longer in this position.

Apart from chemical poisons, you can also derive dogmas (fixed definition or a basic doctrinal statement whose claim to truth is established as irrefutable); be they political, philosophical or religious.

If you drink coffee regularly, you can eliminate e.g. "caffeine" ... if you smoke regularly, you can eliminate "cadmium", "nicotine" or other ingredients.


Depending on the "toxin" to be discharged, you may experience discharge reactions. With mercury you may have a metallic taste in your mouth, with emotional issues you may have emotional reactions. Just let happen what wants to happen and trust that everything will happen for your best.

Important note: This method does not replace a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Do not cross arms and legs, as these postures represent an energetic X and bring any process to a halt.


After that, please drink a lot of water for several days !!!! ... because the discharge process continues for some time, albeit in a weakened form.

I have described in detail in this rubric how important it is to drink water.

Unbelievable ???

Maybe the whole thing sounds unbelievable to you. The results that are achieved with this method, however, always amaze anew !

I wish you much success and great results!

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