In this section I present you a selection of high-energy tachyon products that may not resemble objects and statuettes known from the "traditional Feng Shui teachings". As long as I do not speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hui, Xiang or any of the other 8 main languages of the Land of the Dragon, you will not find any products with Chinese characters.

I also do not sell waving cats, lucky coins, tortoises, money toads and other Chinese "lucky charms", because the cult that revolves around the money toad in particular is a purely Chinese affair. If you are interested in the story, you will certainly find plenty of reading material under the keyword "The legend of the three-legged toad" ;-)

One of the very first new generation tachyon products that I am presenting in this section is the Rainbow Igloo ... followed by the Tachyon Spheres, the PHAROS II ... the TELEOIS Monolith, the Galaxia Disc and the Star of Love. Finally, there are the wonderful KOSHI sound chimes wellness candles made in Switzerland.


The philosophy of our tachyonized Feng Shui products is primarily based on the knowledge that all matter is flooded with energy.

Furthermore, the material from which the products are made is of great importance. At the beginning of our work, we discovered that primarily natural materials should be used for tachyonization. Natural materials have a relatively perfect and regular atomic structure. According to another law of nature, this starting point is a very important criterion. The most optimal materials are silicon and gold. Both materials have an extraordinarily perfect atomic structure and are therefore so well suited to being tachyonized.

We have also found that colors and shapes are also very important. The BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products presented here in this section are ideal for harmonizing living and working areas, which has an extremely positive effect on personal well-being.

And now I hope you enjoy browsing through this section!

>• Rainbow Igloo
>• Tachyon Spheres
>• E*GATE Obelisk
>• TELEOIS Monolith
>• Galaxia-Disc
>• Star of Love

>• Wellness candles
>• KOSHI wind chimes