In this section I present products to protect you from electrosmog.

These products include what is (in my opinion) probably the most important product in my entire range: the GOLD*CHIP. Why the GOLD*CHIP? Because I think that most health problems are related to stress; stress that is generated by the way our society works.

I am convinced that the main cause of stress is due to the presence of invisible rays; rays that are more and more omnipresent in our environment (not only professionally) ... also in our living area, in the stores, at your hairdresser, everywhere ... everywhere.Even in the fresh air. Everywhere.

I fondly remember that in the 70s and 80s it was still customary to take a 15-minute break in the morning and in the afternoon. These breaks increased the well-being of the entire workforce and, of course, the success of the company. These short breaks were used both for eating and for an interactive exchange on an interpersonal basis: doping for body and mind.

The perfidious thing about electrosmog is that you can't see the radiation. So you don't know who is pestering you all the time. It's quite different when you are challenged by someone: You can react or not, depending on how you feel. With electrosmog, it's a completely different story. It is constantly present, whether you like it or not. I have published detailed information about this in this section.

The effect of the GOLD*CHIP, which I was allowed to develop in 1997, is 100% guaranteed! The scientific studies that have been and are being carried out by independent laboratories at home and abroad ... and above all thousands of users confirm the interesting effect of the GOLD*CHIP. Are you ready to take a small step for your personal well-being?

>• for smartphones, iPads, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

>• Smart-Meter
>• about the harmful effects on our health

>• protection from electrosmog ... for businessmen ... and businesswoman

>• GOLD*CHIP Médaillon (pendant for electro ensitive persons)
>• for electrosensitive persons

>• AURA-Shield
>• protection from unwanted energies

>• protection from mobile phone antennas ... including 5G

>• harmonizes electrosmog in living and working areas

>• MOTAC*Electro
>• drive more relaxed

>• Scientific studies on the GOLD*CHIP