External applications

>• for burns, open cuts, abrasions and other wounds, including pressure sores, skin diseases and skin blemishes, apply powder directly to the wound. Cover with plaster/gauze if necessary. Apply until the wound is healing. The antibacterial effect and the high oxygen content accelerate wound healing many times over.

>• for aphthae, over-irritated tongue (e.g. from hot spices), pharyngitis, etc. apply the powder to the affected area and keep it in your mouth for a while, if possible without saliva.

>• adding a little powder to the toothpaste improves tooth cleaning.

>• in case of periodontal disease, massage the gums gently with the powder, also prophylactically.

>• in body ointments and face masks, the powder also has a detoxifying and nourishing effect.

Internal use

Per intake: 1-2 g per 1 dl water (plastic/wooden spoon is better than metal spoon), 1 to 2 times daily, preferably in the morning and evening, if not otherwise possible also during the day.

Do not take any medication for 30 minutes before and after taking the powder, as the powder could also partially absorb it!

A 40-day cure is described by K. Hecht. The powder may be taken over a longer period of time (several months/years) without hesitation. It is also suitable for children, older people and pregnant women. The quantity may need to be reduced for small children.

It is advisable to start the cure with a small dose (1 g) and increase it over time. Taking too much powder can overtax the body, small amounts are sufficient for every body.

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