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Teleporting memories of goodness, peace and harmony from the past and future into the here and now. "Pilgrimage" into the divine creation cell of our physical body. Fully awakening the information from this divine cell and emanating it into all the inner and outer subtle bodies of our being. Manifestation of the divine primordial light in all our physical cells.

Ingredients and keywords

Fire Agate (mineral-essence) : helps to manifest divine guidance and focus on the divine plan of one's life purpose, increases the joy of daily life.

Lime (essential oil, bio) : refreshes, encourages, activates the spirits, stimulates both imagination and creativity.

Mammillaria microcarpa (cactus flower essence) : cultivate inner goodness …

Echinocereus rigidissimus (cactus flower essence) : embrace external goodness …

Borosilicate beads (tachyonized) : purification of the aura, detoxification, mental clarity.

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