from then ... to the now

Honeysuckle likes to indulge in memories and cannot let go of the past. The past dominates the present. People who need Honeysuckle find it difficult to take new steps, to savor the present. The memories of earlier, past times, experiences, encounters or people who have died are too strong.

Taking life back to the past may help us to forget the not-so-pleasant life of the present for a certain period of time. However, further development, a meaningful life, becomes impossible in this way. But only a person who can develop further and follow their life plan will live a fulfilled life.

Honeysuckle helps all mourners to accept their fate positively and to find a new meaning in their lives. Honeysuckle also helps people to let go of old feelings, hurts and the like after a divorce.

Honeysuckle also leads "nostalgics" back to real life and helps them to discover the beauty of the present. Honeysuckle helps all those who regret not having lived the past properly, whose thoughts are stuck on missed opportunities or pipe dreams from the past, to develop a positive life in the present. Honeysuckle can also help people with very weak childhood memories. Here, past memories that have been repressed into the subconscious can perhaps finally be (re)experienced consciously.

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