A customer who bought a PHAROS II for her house in autumn 2009 contacted us some two months after the acquisition and told us that she decided to buy this device after she has been notified that her daughter is suffering from a brain tumor. Her daughter complained for many months about recurrent headaches until a thorough examination at a specialized hospital brought this shocking news to light.

By the principle "I figured it can't hurt, anyway" she decided to buy a PHAROS II.

However, after realizing that the sleep patterns of all family members improved significantly, she contacted us again: "

I don't know what this device is doing. But everybody -including me- is sleeping much much better. Amazing! And now my daughter would like to know if there is another product that could help her alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Hmm, a relatively delicate matter, we thought. However, as we achieved very good results in similar cases with the VITA*CARD, we finally proposed to her daughter to put one of this little violet cards under her pillow.

To our astonishment she contacted us already three days after she received the VITA*CARD:

"Since I keep this card at home under the pillow, I sleep much more peacefully and I do have the impression that I wake up much more rested and more relaxed. Please send me another one so that I can put it under my pillow in the hospital as well."

Out of respect for the young girl, the hospital staff fortunately did not react negatively to her wish.

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