matricaria chamomilla

Chamomile may be called the first emergency aid in domestic health care; in all possible applications, externally and internally, in washing, baths, compresses, in steam and tea form, chamomile has proven itself for centuries as a pain-relieving and antispasmodic household remedy. Chamomile is a woman's first resort for a variety of aches and pains. Hair rinses with chamomile tea bleach blonde hair and give it shine.

melissa officinalis

The ancient Greeks held lemon balm in high esteem and gave it the beautiful name meaning bee. For centuries it has been a good remedy for strengthening the nerves, heart and stomach. The tea is a comfort to women: it makes the heart feel light, relieves heart palpitations, dizziness, melancholy and migraines and is also very good for stomach problems. Washing with this tea removes all kinds of skin impurities. Recommended for menstrual cramps and period cramps, earache and toothache.

menyanthes trifoliata

Bitter clover is famous for its healing effects on jaundice, weak stomach, poor appetite, gastritis and dry stomach cough. Tea made from the leaves and flowers is good for all these hot, fever-inducing illnesses, hence the popular name of the plant: fever clover. This plant is also used for pallor, anemia, blood purification, eczema and gallstones. It is also anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and diaphoretic.

nasturtium officinale

The fresh leaves are highly prized as a salad and cleanse the stomach, intestines and lungs, heal rashes and relieve abdominal masses. A cure with watercress salad drives away worms and helps with kidney, liver, spleen and stone diseases. Boiled in wine, watercress helps with lung problems and dropsy. Fresh crushed leaves eradicate spots on the skin when applied to the skin. It can alleviate spring tiredness and remedy vitamin deficiencies.


Warms the body, cleanses the stomach and lungs and increases blood circulation (not suitable for people with high blood pressure). Decoction of oregano as a bath essence for power baths. Mixed in half with stinging nettles, it makes a tea mixture for problems with the abdomen (e.g. heavy periods). It can also be used as a gargle for toothache. In Brittany, warm leaves were applied to rheumatic pains. It can be used externally to treat wounds: has bactericidal properties.

oxalis acetosella

Wood sorrel leaves are thirst-quenching and refreshing, a very pleasant salad for bunnies and children :-) but wood sorrel is also beneficial for older "bunnies", especially those with stomach and heartburn. Take two thirds of ordinary lettuce and one third of wood sorrel, eat it daily and heartburn will soon stop. As a tea for throat, mouth and gum problems. The North American Indians gave wood sorrel roots to their ponies to make them run faster. This also helps when trekking!

petroselinum sativum

Parsley has healing powers that cleanse the liver, kidneys and bladder and promote urination. Parsley tea is excellent for dropsy, stone disease, bladder and liver problems and jaundice. Parsley should be boiled with wine, a little vinegar and a lot of honey to treat heart, spleen and side stitches and this decoction should be drunk as a cure over a longer period of time. Parsley oil is a good remedy for painful urination and inflammation of the prostate. Parsley also grows on the balcony ;-)

phaseolus vulgaris

Beans, boiled with milk to a soft paste and applied lukewarm, heal swollen limbs and swollen breasts. Dry bean pods, ground into flour, cure nasty beard lichen. Tea made from green or dry bean pods is effective for diabetes, heart and kidney problems and even dropsy. The tea should be drunk in small portions and in sips. The oldest bean plant seeds were found in Peruvian tombs.

pirus malus

Healthy and unsprayed apples are one of the best health foods! Eating apples before going to bed is a proven means of promoting good health. Its consumption has a beneficial effect on the brain, stimulates the liver, disinfects the oral cavity, binds excess acids in the stomach, stimulates the activity of the kidneys and intestines, protects against digestive problems, throat diseases and obesity. It is beneficial not to eat apples cold. Apple tea is worth its weight in gold for the brain!


Anyone suffering from rheumatism and sciatica should cut a piece of bark from a tree and boil it until it has softened a little. Then place it on the suffering part of the body and it will draw out the toxins. A decoction of poplar leaves, applied as a compress, also works well in these cases. An ointment made from its buds is one of the oldest traditional ointment recipes. It is still prepared today and is used to treat skin and joint problems.

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