from passive service ... to active service

You probably know the fairy tale of Cinderella, the selfless child who only cared for others. Centaury is for all those people who forget themselves in their concern for others. In positive development, we see people who are compassionate and good-natured. They are happy because they feel that others are happy through their actions. Their behavior is selfless. They do not expect anything in return. They are self-sufficient. They are popular and enjoy life as it is.

In the negative development, these people suffer from the fact that they never have time for themselves. Their selfless attitude is exploited by everyone. They do not have the strength to assert themselves, to make their own wishes or demands. These people are incapable of leading a self-determined life. Instead of following the life plan of their higher self and realizing themselves, they drown in the self-sacrificing care of selfish family members.

The only option for people who are in a negative Centaury state is to flee into illness. Signs of illness with states of weakness, exhaustion and similar patterns should make you think of Centaury. The submissiveness of these people can often be recognized by their hunched back.

Centaury helps these people to step out of their self-abandonment and renunciation. It gives them the strength to fight for their right to personal development.

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