The Kubera mudra is dedicated to "Kubera", the deity of abundance and wealth.

The three energy components * desire * will * conviction * are potentiated with this mudra.

To perform this mudra, the fingertips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger are brought together while the other two fingers are curled.
The Mars finger (thumb) represents "forcefulness", the Saturn finger (index finger) represents concentration on the essential, and the Jupiter finger (middle finger) represents splendor and magnificence.

This mudra should also be used with both hands. It requires the full attention of the user, because the wish should be expressed in an absolutely harmonious and lightful way. The Kubera mudra can be used for many situations; when one wishes for something or wants to achieve a goal, or when one needs extra strength for a matter.

Regular use of this mudra is extremely effective for health in general, promoting mental peace and lasting contentment. It gives a deep sense of calm, confidence, trust and fresh serenity. If you apply Kubera Mudra by letting the inhaled air flow from the bottom to the top, it can relieve sinusitis.

Actually, it is not surprising that José Silva intuitively chose this mudra to support mental programming. Even though he had never knowingly heard of mudras, let alone read about them.

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