Application of AURIC sprays

Shake the bottle a few times with your left hand: this awakens the "spirit" in the bottle. Then hold the bottle with both hands at heart level for a moment. Then spray once or twice over your head ... and greet the essence with a smile. You can also spray your left wrist and then gently rub it on the other wrist until the essence has evaporated.

If you would like to allow the energetic signature of the essence to penetrate even deeper into your aura, I recommend that you apply a spray to your navel. Then rub the essence briefly with the index and middle fingers of your left hand and then massage the essence onto your forehead with these fingers.

You can assume that the essence will also have an effect on you if you hold the bottle in your hand from time to time and concentrate on the subject matter of the essence you have chosen in a relaxed manner.

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