Energetic elimination of "toxins" according to a sensational method developed by the famous dowser / natural healer Körbler, the founder of the "New Homeopathy" ... and other effective tips for your personal well-being

Much of the following information I publish with the kind permission of Frank Obels, who has published this (and many other extremely interesting info) on his homepage kristallbewusstsein.de. Again, very very many thanks !!!

We carry so many "poisons" in us that sometimes it really borders on a miracle that we are still alive ;-)

Many people understand toxins as the classical toxins and burdens from medicines, building toxins, chemical substances and similar burdens for our physical body. But we do not only have the physical body; we also have, for example, the etheric body or the emotional and mental body. So with "poisons" here we also speak of emotional poisons or mental poisons or also of soul fragments and energetic occupations. All these "poisons" can prevent us from entering our true consciousness.

I am pleased to introduce you here to a method of Erich Körbler, with which you yourself can energetically eliminate "toxins" of all kinds and manifest a more harmonious life.

The principle of energetic discharge

Whether we consider the findings of quantum physics or the experiences of Erich Körbler, the "inventor" of energetic discharge, we humans consist of energy and information.

So, one can "re-program" any energy form and energy field, that is, provide it with a different information than the existing one.

Energetic elimination means changing or simply deleting the information that belongs to a particular energy. Whether we are talking about mercury, physical toxins, emotional signatures or even negative beliefs, in the energetic sense it is enough to change the "incriminating" information and through the change then give the respective body the opportunity to expel the information-neutral "something".

Erich Körbler

In the 1970s, the Viennese Erich Körbler (1938 - 1994) discovered a method of eliminating toxins in a "psycho-energetic" way. He actually only wanted to find a way of healing for his daughter, who had been abandoned by conventional medicine because she was suffering from an illness that was supposedly incurable. "The New Homeopathy", as Körbler called his complete work of methods and possibilities, offered possibilities that went far beyond what was imaginable at the time: Healing through a few simple symbols.

He had read that the shamans of primitive peoples regularly chose very specific motifs and painted them with plant pigments in magical rituals on the bodies of the people to be cured, in order to alleviate or cure physical and mental ailments.

Erich Körbler thought (and was later convinced) that the human body with its meridians and acupressure points can be influenced in a positive way by applying very specific patterns, lines and symbols to the part of the body to be treated. The "New Homeopathy" offers possibilities that transcend the inconceivable: healing with very simple symbols.

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