The inspiration to realize the TELEOIS-Monolith manifested itself at the end of September 2014.

After reading the book "Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples" by Brown Landone once again, a small voice contacted me and asked if I would like to realize a new object; an object that has similar properties to the tachyon spheres that I have been offering since 1997. It will be an object that manifests subtle energies and can be placed in the bedroom or in another room. It will be a relatively small but very light-filled object. I instinctively "knew" that this new object would have the shape of a monolith.

I also sensed that this new tachyon object would not be made of stone or glass, but of wood. And as my team has many years of expertise in working with wood, the decision was quickly made. Within a very short time, I had designed the TELEOIS-Monolith and the first prototype was completed based on this information.

Energetic effects

The TELEOIS-Monolith fills the room in which it is located with its luminous presence, regardless of whether it is a small room or a large hall. Kinesiological and radiesthetic tests show that the effect is most pronounced when the existing doors / windows of this room are closed. When the doors or windows are open, its subtle effect is slightly reduced, but can still be perceived outside the room.

The TELEOIS-Monolith offers protection and security. It "spreads" a lot of ancient knowledge (like a huge library) and generates silence and tranquillity (like in a monastery). This small object conveys a feeling of vastness, like a sunrise.

The TELEOIS-Monolith generates a place of power and a harmonious morphogenetic energy field in which we and our thoughts and free will can move unhindered.

Geometry, astronomy and music

The above-mentioned book describes, among other things, the rediscovery of the Teleois, the basis of the rule of Polyklet (a famous sculptor from around 440 BC) and the key to a true understanding of the Pythagorean philosophy of numbers. Furthermore, the Teleois units of mass, on which the entire universe is built, are presented in more detail.

Teleois can be found in our solar system: the distance of the large and small planets from the sun and from each other is teleois mass. Precise measurements of normal human skeletons in Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford showed that every important part of the skeleton in the structure of the human body has teleois mass in relation to other parts! Incidentally, these masses can also be traced in our scales.

Every beautiful object or building of Greek art, be it a vase, a sculpture, a column, a hall or a temple: they are all in harmony with the teleois masses. All geometric patterns that have been judged beautiful for thousands of years, to be used again and again to build forms and decorations, are formed by teleois parts or surfaces.

The following Teleois units of measurement were used to implement the idea: 1, 4 and 7. Incidentally, the literal meaning of Teleois is "perfect", "complete".

Materials used and their energetic significance

Each TELEOIS-Monolith is made by an internationally renowned wood carver and sculptor from the canton of Bern and is tachyonized by me after production. Each TELEOIS-Monolith is therefore unique. We use brass, 24-carat gold leaf and regional walnut wood (juglans regia) for its manufacture.

Walnut wood is a sought-after precious wood whose use is limited to high-quality objects. It is characterized by high dynamic strength and a low tendency to splinter. Half-ripe nuts and leaves harvested in early summer are among the most vitamin C-rich parts of the plant in Central Europe!

The walnut played an important role in Roman wedding customs. The groom would throw it among the guests and spectators. A bright sound on impact is said to predict a marriage as happy as that of Jupiter and Juno.

What is particularly interesting in connection with the TELEOIS-Monolith is the fact that the ground under walnut trees is usually not overgrown. The tree releases inhibitors that prevent other plants from thriving in competition for the nutrients. The leaves of the walnut tree are avoided by most insects. Walnut trees are also said to repel flies, so they were often planted on farms (next to the dung heap).

In tachyonized form, as is the case with the TELEOIS-Monolith, the property of counteracting parasitic energies is potentiated, i.e. unwanted energies are prevented from manifesting in the room!

Gold has represented splendor, wealth, abundance and wisdom since time immemorial. Gold helps to deal with old, deep-seated fears and get to the root of them. This precious metal can help to promote self-confidence and harmonize deficiencies in self-esteem. Gold also helps to awaken dormant talents and abilities and make them visible to the outside world. This precious metal promotes cheerfulness and a sense of beauty.

Placement and range

I recommend placing the TELEOIS-Monolith at a height of between 1.40m and 1.90m (or higher).

Please note that the gilded flower of the TELEOIS-Monolith points to the east, similar to the entrance of the tipis of the North American Indians. The entrance of the tepees always pointed to the east; to the rising sun, the direction to which the prayers are directed.

Incidentally, the word tepee is made up of the following words from the Lakota, who use one of the many Sioux languages:

* te = to live, dwell, dwell, dwell
* pee = common plural marker

If you use the TELEOIS-Monolith during meditation, you can of course place it in front of you. I recommend placing it (again facing east) on a small pedestal or on a low side table. After the meditation, you can put it back in its "regular place".

I wish you many light-filled moments using this wonderful object!

Dimensions of the monolith: 44mm x 77mm x 11mm (W,H,D)
Dimensions of the base: 77mm x 7mm x 22mm (W,H,D)

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