My services are divided into the following areas:

>• Feng Shui consultations
>• Geobiological analyses and harmonizations
>• Consultations on the subject of success
>• Health consultations
>• Distance treatments (Cintamani-Tachyon Remote Healing)
>• Treatment of fears / phobias
>• Alchemy and development of new products and formulas

For my consultations, in addition to theoretical-intellectual basic knowledge, I primarily use techniques that are based on natural laws and therefore may seem unusual at first glance. My favorite discipline is radiesthesia ... accompanied by common sense and empathy.

The consultations on the subject of success, on the subject of health as well as treatments of fears & phobias I always carry out in the morning (on telephone or personal request) in my store in Vevey. In the section on radiesthesia, I describe in brief how I proceed.

In the following sections I describe my preferred physical-energetic formulas to transform existing blockages.

>• Aura-Soma - Essences
>• Bach Flower - Essences
>• BioGenesis - Products
>• Tachyon - Products

In these sections I go into a little more detail about the techniques I use for consultations.

>• Feng Shui
>• Geobiology
>• Radiesthesia
>• Cartomancy
>• Numerology
>• Treatment of fears / phobias
>• Remote healings