Detoxification cures were among the most natural things in the world in all cultures. In Christianity, this was traditionally the fasting period before Easter. It was not just about eating less or losing some weight, but above all about detoxifying and purifying the body to maintain health. Unfortunately, this awareness is hardly present in modern times.

If you now imagine how much more polluted our environment and food is, it becomes clear why we need to take regular detoxification measures today more than ever. When detoxifying, it is important to start slowly so as not to overtax the body and thus provoke unnecessary detoxification reactions.

And please, please, please ... consult with your doctor before you start the detoxification treatment. OK ? He/she will certainly have valuable tips that should be followed and that you can write down in your agenda.

A practically "unknown" ritual about energetic discharge of "poisons" according to Erich Körbler I have described in the section discharge poisons. Very very interesting !!!

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