The idea of producing the GEO acupuncture set was passed on to me during a channelling event in 1999.

These small beads can be used to stimulate flora and fauna and create new places of power. In a harmonious ritual, 8 or 12 beads are pressed directly into the earth (approx. 20 to 30 cm deep) in the shape of a circle (Ø approx. 80 cm).

It is advisable to include very specific wishes as to what this ritual should achieve.

With the GEO acupuncture set, you can also create a "filling station" for earth, air and water creatures. To do this, bury a total of seven spheres as described below:

Three balls (the roof) are buried in a triangle (approx. 50 cm in diameter) at a depth of about 20 cm. A hole about 100 cm deep is then made in the middle of this triangle so that the remaining four spheres can be sunk one after the other as follows: first sphere at a depth of 1 meter, second sphere at a depth of 95 cm, third sphere at a depth of 80 cm, fourth sphere at a depth of 65 cm.

Allow yourself enough time for this ritual and enjoy the future source of light!

The most impressive earth healing I personally witnessed with the GEO Acupuncture set was during a dowsing seminar I gave in the month of June in the south of Switzerland (canton Ticino). During this workshop in Brione above Minusio, we buried a set with eight spheres in the nearby forest next to a brook.

We then "consigned" the set to the woods and to the adjoining scenery with a ritual. During the meditation we noticed that the surrounding trees lost a large quantity of dry leaves.

We looked at each other incredulously, and Susanna (one of the participants) "confessed" that she wished that the trees around us can free themselves with all the leaves that were old and sick.

There were so many leaves in the air and around us on the floor that everybody of us thought we were dreaming. The energy field was very gentle, but powerful enough that we all could perceive and sense it. In silent joy and thankfulness we left the place half an hour later.

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