Most of the white sugar is obtained from sugar beet. So far so good. What happens after that: mmmmmhpf ? Let's go !

After washing, the sugar beet is shredded and then leached. Lime is then added to purify this "sugar juice". This separation destroys almost all the vitamins due to its alkaline reaction. Great.

Carbon dioxide is fed into the liquid mixed with caustic lime to precipitate the lime. This saturated liquid is then pumped into filter presses to separate the "sugar juice" from the sludge. After further treatment with calcium sulphite, which simultaneously decolourizes the juice with sulphurous acid, i.e. bleaches it, the thin juice is evaporated into thick juice and boiled in a vacuum until it crystallizes.

The mass is separated into syrup and raw sugar by centrifuging in a centrifuge. After the syrup has been boiled, cooled, crystallized and centrifuged several times to obtain raw sugar of a lower grade, the molasses with its high non-sugar content remains as the final syrup. It is used for spirit preparation and animal feed.

The raw sugar must then later be converted into consumer sugar in the sugar refineries, which requires purification with lime-carbonic acid, further bleaching with sulphurous acid, filtering through bone charcoal and "boiling on grain".

In sick people, this can have such an effect that the factory sugar makes it absolutely impossible to cure certain illnesses!

The child's sugar craving is a sign of a lack of vital substances. When factory sugar is removed, the appetite, which is always poor in these children, also returns. From these observations it can be concluded that factory sugar is not only a nutritional problem, but also a psychological problem.

Gummy bears ? One of the main ingredients is gelatine ... and is made from slaughterhouse waste (pork rind).

For people who (have to) avoid pork for religious or health reasons, gummy bears are a no-go.

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